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__________________________________________________________ February, 2013

My great interview with Lynne Ford, the Mid-Morning Host at WBCL radio. Thanks to the great folks at for the audio stream, and chance to talk about my book, Starring Arabelle.

Starring Arabelle Book Signing  – December 15th,  2012

I had a wonderful book signing, at the Charlottesville Barnes and Noble. Thanks for stopping by to say hello, and get your books signed!

More fun photos from the day can be found on my Starring Arabelle Facebook Page!

Holiday Haiku Video – September 13th,  2012

The fun folks over at Eerdmans Books (my publisher) did a wonderful little “Holiday Haiku” for Starring Arabelle.

Book Signing – September 29th,  2012

I had a great book signing session at the Barnes and Noble here in Hingham Massachusetts! I had a great turnout for this event and autographed over 30 copies of Starring Arabelle. I really enjoyed meeting some south shore librarians and local parents and tweens who stopped by for a signed copy.

I’m hoping for another book signing in Charlottesville VA in mid-December!


First Reader – September 3rd,  2012

Alice is twelve and lives in Charlottesville Virginia, and received one of my advanced reader copies (ARC) of Starring Arabelle, and read it while she was on a family beach vacation in late August. The ARC was given to her by my son, who happens to be her next door neighbor. Alice is a voracious reader, and here’s what she had to say:

“I loved Starring Arabelle, it’s a great book with a lot of fun characters. I especially liked Mr. Zee (the drama teacher) because he comes across as such a tough guy but with a kind heart. The parts where Arabelle tries to help Mr. Wexler were really good too. I’m looking forward to Mrs. De Baun’s next book!” 

Alice, first reader

Thanks to Alice for being my first young reader!

Photos – May 2012

Here’s a quick glimpse of the cover and inside page of the advanced reading copy of Starring Arabelle. I’ll have more to share as it becomes available.


Starring Arabelle (ARC)

Starring Arabelle (ARC) inside page